As a teacher educator, I get the honor of investing in preservice and inservice teachers who change lives of children and youth with disabilities.

At Sam Houston State University, in addition to our undergraduate initial teacher preparation programs, we have two online graduate programs that focus on transition services:

Both programs are 100% online and are aligned with the Council for Exceptional Children Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT) standards for the transition specialist.

Endorsements and comments from students in the transition courses:

  • This was a great class! I really learned a lot and Dr. Landmark was extremely supportive. This has been an incredibly difficult semester due to Covid and she was always flexible and supportive. The TIARA assignments have been extremely useful in my classroom. I have used many of those platforms with my virtual students already.

  • Dr. Landmark provided us with the most resources that I've every had in gradate school. For that I'm extremely appreciative.

  • I really appreciate Leena's passion for this topic and it really shows in how she presented the modules for the course. Leena is always available if you need to talk through something, or to answer a question. I would definitely take another course from Leena if it were offered. I think that she is an excellent professor who understands that people are working and have lives outside of school, and I think that this is what has allowed me to be successful in this course as a full-time working professional. Thank you Leena!

  • Dr. Landmark, I learned so much from this class. I am able to look at what I do now and take the information you have shared and taught us to apply and make my work better! Thank you for sharing so many different resources with us as well. I have loved the readings of various studies and papers. I have realized I learn so much from studies.

  • I loved the layout of the blackboard. It was very clear what was assigned each week so I never had questions about what I should be doing. The bitmojis are an adorable and personalized touch. I have never seen such a personalized blackboard page and I really appreciate the effort she took to make it unique and engaging.