Introducing the Garrett Center

The new Garrett Center on Transition and Disability Studies at Sam Houston State University is dedicated to carrying on their mission by making a difference for all children with disabilities in Texas, their families, and the educators and community partners who serve and support them. The Garrett Center serves as a gateway of information for transition team members including educators, students with disabilities, their families, and agencies and community partners. In addition to the website and other communication platforms, the Garrett Center offers workshops and conducts research to improve services and outcomes for  children, youth, and adults with disabilities.

The Teacher Education Center is named after Eleanor and Charles Garrett. Mrs. Garrett was a graduate of Sam Houston State University, and she and her husband started the Garrett Metal Detector Company. Their company grew into the world’s largest manufacturer of metal detection equipment for law enforcement, military, security, and hobby equipment. During childhood, one of Garretts’ children acquired a disability as a result of a serious childhood illness. The Garretts experienced the joys and challenges of raising a child with a disability while supporting their son to have opportunities for a better life in adulthood. The Garretts have generously supported the College of Education.

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